Vintage BIBA Fashion Catalogue London, BIBA Circa 1969

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Printed wrappers,12 pages,2 gate-folds,duotone photographs, reproduced in various sizes, several across two pages. 355x180mm. English 

Condition good with some shelf wear and minor scuffing to paper along edges,faint creases to bottom edge on both catalogues.( 2 available) 

Barbara Hulanicki launched the first of her new look BIBA  catalogues in 1968.They were to be only six altogether ,each featuring a different model and photographer.John McConnell designed the catalogues, each of which features the new art nouveau inspired BIBA  logo.The elongated shape was specially designed to fit through the letter box. Each issue represented a complete collection designed by Hulanicki which was available by mail order only.

This issue was shot by Harri Peccinotti and features the model Elizabeth Bjorn Neilson.

These catalogues are priced at $70 each or $110 for the pair.