The Unknown Terrorist : Richard Flanagan  ( excellent condition)

The Unknown Terrorist : Richard Flanagan ( excellent condition)

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Richard Flanagan’s devastating parable has drawn international acclaim for brilliantly capturing the post-9/11 world.
    In this explosive novel, Flanagan holds a mirror to contemporary society, and in its terrifying reflection we see the image of the Doll, a 26-year-old pole dancer from Sydney—flawed, racist, obsessed with money—who finds her life suddenly destroyed by her most firm beliefs. Flanagan paints a disturbing picture of a world where the ceaseless drumbeat of terror-alert levels, newsbreaks and fear of the unknown pushes everyone ever closer to the breaking point.
    The Unknown Terrorist is a tour de force that confirms the masterful storytelling skills and razor-sharp social observations of this multi-award-winning writer.

Paper back in our usual excellent condition 

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