The Movie Book  ( Phaidon)  /  The Top 10 of Film  by Russell Ash     2 Pack!

The Movie Book ( Phaidon) / The Top 10 of Film by Russell Ash 2 Pack!

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The Movie Book 

Following the same formula as Phaidon's miniature "Art Book" and "Photography Book", the mini version of "The Movie Book" brings together 500 people from around the world who have made a landmark contribution to the medium of film. From the earliest pioneers to the stars of today, the entries cover the entire industry, including actors and directors, costume designers and make-up artists, special-effects wizards and animators, producers and major movie moguls. Arranged alphabetically, they create engaging and thought-provoking juxtapositions: Marcello Mastroianni sits next to Louis B. Mayer while Sidney Poitier rubs shoulders with Roman Polanski. Each entry is illustrated by a film still, photograph or cinematic sequence that shows a key aspect of that person's work. An accompanying text reveals the significance of each name within the history of film and includes essential biographical information. In addition, there is a comprehensive cross-referencing system and glossary to guide the reader through the complexities of the motion-picture industry, together with an international guide to film festivals and museums. A feature exclusive to the mini version is a supplementary index of film titles, actors, actresses and directors, enabling the user to track down all the additional references to and illustrations of their favourite films and personalities.

The Top 10 of Film A feast of trivia for all film fans. From the biggest openers to the direst duds and from classics to comedies, this text is packed with facts, "did you know?" features and information on stars, studios, directors and genres. Pick up some popcorn and take yourself from Hollywood to Bollywood without leaving the sofa.

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