Russell Brand. Booky Wook 2. This Time It's Personal

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Russell Brand.  Booky Wook 2. This Time It's Personal

309 Pages

Front cover creased, pages very good condition.

"I was born to be famous, bit it took decades for me to convey this entitlement to an indifferent world and suspicious job centres - both presumed me a nitwit , possibly with good reason as I was brilliantly disguised as a scruff-bag"

"I often query the significance of sexuality in my pursuit of success.  Is the reappropriation of biological drive the engine of ambition?  Is that what compelling me forward?  What's getting me our of bed in the morning?  Back into bed at night?  Is that what's keeping me in bed hour after hour with strangers, exchanging the baton of my lust as they pass beneath the sheets in the relay of my needs?  Olympic promiscuity.  The carnal flame forever burning. "

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