Green Girls / Mouth to Mouth :Michael Kimball ( used)

Green Girls / Mouth to Mouth :Michael Kimball ( used)

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Green Girls- The owner of a strictly ordered life, Jacob Winter is not a man prone to violence -- until the day he walks in unexpectedly on his wife's affair. Awakening in a small-town Maine jail with no memory of his alleged rampage, he is bailed out by Alix Callahan, a mysterious ethnobotanist who claims to own a small piece of his past. Drawn into her obsessive relationship with July, an exotic Indian beauty from the rainforests of South America, Jacob is simultaneously mesmerized and unnerved by the two women's strange erotic dance as his meticulously controlled world slips even farther out of its orbit -- leading him to a clandestine meeting at the top of a bridge, where he helplessly watches Alix plunge 250 feet into the raging waters below. A suicide, a murder, neither, or both pull Jacob Winter into a twisted game of dark deceptions and psychological terror, one that could destroy his sanity and his soul.

Mouth to Mouth- It began with a wedding.For Ellen Chambers,watching her teenage daughter Moreen, already pregnant,marrying a man who was publicly making it clear this wasn't a love-match,it was not a happy event.Randy was going to make Mo's life hell,and there was nothing Ellen could do about it.... 

Both paperbacks in good used condition 

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