Bequest : A.K Shevchenko   ( in excellent condition)

Bequest : A.K Shevchenko ( in excellent condition)

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Taras thinks of today's file. Arguments and facts. He knows the facts, now he has to provide the arguments. He considers his options - actually, there are not that many.

He can tell. He can sell. Or he can keep this to himself.

The first two options would change the lives of millions. The third is just between him and his conscience. He decides to follow the advice of Colonel Surikov, his tutor at the Academy: "If you cannot see the whole picture of the operation, start small and worry in chronological order."

So, he will start with one line from the file N1247, with that name of an archivist against the date 17 November 1942. It means a visit back to his youth, to his university town. Just one phone call before he goes, to make sure she is still alive. He could visit her next Saturday. A quiet weekend, student memories. And nobody needs to know. Yet.

Paperback in excellent condition  

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