Atmospheric Disturbances : Rivka Galchen   ( As new condition)

Atmospheric Disturbances : Rivka Galchen ( As new condition)

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When Dr. Leo Liebenstein's wife disappears, she leaves behind a single confounding clue: a woman who looks, talks, and behaves exactly like her. A simulatcrum. But Leo is not fooled, and he knows better than to trust his senses in matters of the heart. Certain that the real Rema is alive and in hiding, he embarks on a quixotic journey to reclaim her. With the help of his psychiatric patient Harvey--who believes himself to be a secret agent able to control the weather--his investigation leads him from the streets of New York City, to the southernmost reaches of Patagonia, in search of the woman he loves. Atmospheric disturbances is a "witty, tender, and conceptually dazzling  novel about the mysterious nature of human relationships.

Soft cover with dust jacket in excellent /as new condition

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